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25 Maggio 2023
RiminiWellness - Pavilion B2 - Stand 063

1-4 June 2023: we are waiting for you at RiminiWellness, Pavilion B2, Stand 063
We are proud to take part in the 2023 edition of RiminiWellness, the international event dedicated to the entire ecosystem of the wellness world: the latest trends, innovations and training for professionals and enthusiasts of fitness, wellness and sport.

13 Aprile 2022
i-Deal and Akern join forces on CONCERTO project to support the development of AI-based technologies for clinical screening
CONCERTO will implement a web data-based service starting from 2 clinically validated technologies with a well-established presence on the market: our SizeYou© solution (algorithms for the self-collection of body measurements and anthropometric data by mobile phone) and Bodygram® Software (dedicated platform for the interpretation and reporting of body composition data collected though bioimpedance analyzers). The synergic collaboration of these two different technologies will result in a clinical tool for early diagnosis of specific healthcare conditions related to body composition alteration, like localized adiposity or appendicular lean tissue losses.
25 Giugno 2020
What is the purpose of collecting anthropometric measurements

Whether you are on a diet or have started a training course, taking measures is of fundamental importance to verify your progress. Taking anthropometric measurements is important not only for the wellness and medical-health sectors but it is also a fundamental aspect for workwear, for fashion or for example also for sports such as cycling.

11 Giugno 2020
The scientific approach used for our apps

Our App SizeYou and Sizeyou Professional are able, thanks to an artificial intelligence system, to collect the anthropometric measurements of the human body.

28 Maggio 2020
How to take anthropometric measurements for choosing a bike

The collection of anthropometric measurements is also used to choose the right bicycle. SizeYou is also an excellent ally for this, making this process faster and more precise.

14 Maggio 2020
Our SizeYou and SizeYou Professional Apps for IOS & ANDROID

SizeYou and SizeYou Professional are mobile apps that collect anthropometric 3D measurements of the human body through an image analysis process of photos taken with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

30 Aprile 2020
Technology against the virus. Here's who won the battle.

On Tuesday 28 April the article by Alessandro Canepa that you find in the attachment was published in Il Biellese, the newspaper of our hometown.

16 Aprile 2020
Measuring the human body: problems and difficulties

The sector for the indirect measurement of the human body through image analysis has not yet been the subject of reliable estimates since it is still a new sector, made possible by the combined use of artificial intelligence technology and the latest generation smartphones.