Frequently Asked Questions

The SizeYou app is optimized for smartphones only. It might also work with other devices on which the app can be downloaded and equipped with verticality sensors (e.g. iPad) but the graphics are not optimized and their use is not recommended.

Professional users: follow the instructions of the password recovery procedure on the app or back office https://www.sizeyou.it/en/backoffice

Private Users: if you have accidentally deleted the app, reinstall it and follow the subscription recovery instructions.

For a correct detection of the measurements from the photos, the app must verify the vertical positioning of the smartphone. In some rare cases smartphones are not equipped with this sensor. It is therefore necessary to use a smartphone of a different model.
Height cannot be changed by more than +/- 3 cm because the SizeYou app is strictly personal and cannot be used to measure other subjects. In the event of an error, contact us by indicating the user code indicated at the top of the "personal data" page of the app: https://www.sizeyou.it/en/contacts
Stars indicate image quality upon which measurements are calculated. The process still generates the data but, in case of low quality (one or two stars), it is suggested to repeat the collection of images to improve the accuracy of the detection.
The 3D representation is generated only after the measurement collection with the images for men. The generation of female profiles is under development.