SizeYou collects the classic anthropometric measurements used in the medical, wellness and tailoring fields. The generated circumferences and lengths match with the reference points established by the ISO/ISAK standard, in order to ensure maximum precision and consistency.

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Why choose SizeYou


The measurement can be carried out in few minutes, without the need for a specialized operator. The time required to complete the procedure is less than 2 minutes, compared to the 10 minutes average required for a manual measurement collection.


The measurements collected with SizeYou are accurate and consistent, with a margin of error < 3 percent.


The entire measurement is carried out in full respect of the privacy of the measured subject, ensuring security and data protection. The procedure is GDPR Compliant and does not require facial recognition.


With the use of SizeYou, it is possible to delete the human factor and, therefore, the subjectivity linked to the operator's manual skill. The entire procedure is delegated to the software that will be able to recognize all the repere points of the individual subject with greater accuracy and reliability.

Remote use

SizeYou allows the measurement of its customers/ patients remotely. By measuring themselves, they send their data to their professional, ensuring accurate, fast and controlled results even at miles away.


Being able to download and use SizeYou directly on your smartphone, our service does not require the purchase of additional devices or equipment (ex: body scanner), representing an important economic saving by the professional.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how SizeYou works and read the most frequently asked questions received from our customers.