The analysis of the data with the AI tools up to here told you "who is" your user, now you can find out "how it is".

Overcome the last gap of customer intelligence, add the physical conformation to the virtual profile with SizeYou, the App that extracts anthropometric measurements with two simple snapshots from mobile and protects privacy with patent technology.

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How it works

Download the App, create your profile, take the two photos for having measurements.

How SizeYou Works

SizeYou processes the contours of your image in the hardware of your device.

Privacy Policy

No photos come out of your mobile device (except for those with specific user authorization) Find out more.

The measurement socket passes to the server in the form of a numeric string.

Reliable and professional measurement, secure privacy.

AI algorithms define collection points dynamically on the body by reproducing the behavior of a tailor.

PCT patent valid worldwide and reserved copyright protect your data. 


The free app for collecting 3D measurements aimed at users.

Suggests size and improves online customer experience.

SizeYou Pro

The App for collecting 3D measurements in a professional environment, with a totally anonymous procedure. It puts the anthropometric data available to the company while preserving the user's privacy.

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