Smart anthropometric body measurement for companies and professionals

SizeYou is a smartphone app that allows you to collect measurements of the human body via the camera on your mobile phone. By taking just two photographs, the data is collected and made available in the Personal Management System.

How measurements are collected

SizeYou is available for iOS and Android. Users can download and install it on their mobile device. In order to collect the measurement, two photographs are taken: one rear and one side. The photos are analyzed through the use of artificial intelligence and the anthropometric data is extrapolated, making them available in real time.

App Mobile - Collect measurements

The photographs necessary for data collection are taken directly in the App. The shooting procedure is simple and intuitive, thanks to the implementation of a pose detector that uses artificial intelligence. In this way, it is possible to guarantee compliance with the basic requirements necessary for correct measurement, thus obtaining greater consistency in the data.

BackOffice - Manage the data

Once the measurement is completed through the App, the collected data is sent to the BackOffice, where the professional has the possibility to create customer/patient sheets, insert and/or update his measurements, export data tables and, therefore, the relative images.

Collected measures

SizeYou collects the measurements of the human body in accordi to ISO protocol, the reference standard for the Medical and Wellness sectors.

Minutes saved for each measurement collection


Circumferences and lengths collected for each measurement

< 3%

Margin of error tolerated


Application sectors

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Learn everything you need to know about our Anthropometric Measurement solution.
The SizeYou app is optimized for smartphones only. It may also work with other devices on which you can download the app and equipped with verticality sensors (e.g. iPad) but the graphics are not optimized and are not recommended for use.
The stars indicate the quality of the images taken which will be used to calculate the measurements. The process still generates the data but, in case of low quality (one or two stars), it is suggested to repeat the image collection, in order to improve the accuracy of the detection.
The 3D representation is generated only after collecting measurements with image for men. 3D representation for females is under development.

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