Who we are

I-Deal is an innovative SME based in Biella, founded in 2012, and focused on image analysis, using Artificial Intelligence for the collection of anthropometric measurements of the human body.

I-Deal technology is protected by the worldwide PCT Patent and by reserved Copyright. The SizeYou solution is the result of the experience in the research sector of its founders, Alessandro Canepa e Stefano Fasana, who combine scientific and mathematical skills and IT environment training, alongside with textile expertise relative to the design and manufacture of garments, fields closely connected to body measurements. Consequently, i-Deal has a more complete environment than a strictly IT one. The founding members, with a background of more than 18 projects co-financed by the European Commission, from 2001 onwards, have a long experience in the field of research and related fundraising, necessary to guarantee constant updating of the product.

The i-Deal team combines skills and different educational training, and it is composed by highly specialised figures with a master’s degree or a PhD research doctorate.

Alessandro Canepa
Stefano Fasana
Giuliano Gavazzi
Software Dev.
Marco Vallini
Algorithm developer
Caterina Calefato
Matteo Vernetti
Algorithm Developer

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