About Us

SizeYou is a product of I-Deal s.r.l., an innovative SME with extensive experience in the IT sector. I-Deal s.r.l. boasts a highly qualified team and an internationally proven research path, with more than 10 years of experience. SizeYou is an App that allows the collection of anthropometric measurements through the use of your mobile device, even remotely.

Sectors of use

SizeYou has many areas of application. Companies and professionals from the medical, wellness, technical clothing, fashion and beauty salons have adopted SizeYou as an indispensable tool for their business.


Scientific research

SizeYou is committed to scientific research in order to improve the accuracy, reliability, and accessibility of anthropometric measurements. The company has co-financed several projects.

Patent & Copyright

SizeYou owns patents and copyrights for its anthropometric measurement technologies that protect the company’s innovative software and guarantee its customers the safety and reliability of its products. At the moment, the patent is recognized in Russia, USA and China. Copyright 16-17-18-20-22.


Social and environmental benefits

SizeYou allows remote monitoring of the human body and is an accessible tool for telemedicine in the context of overweight and obesity control. According to an official study by the European Commission, the exploitation of mobile telemedicine technology can lead to the following benefits: Reduce time and cost per patient by 50% to 66% and increase physician productivity Increase the time spent by human resources on value-added support services Create social and web engagement, increasing patient loyalty Provides teleconsultation and telemonitoring, increasing the personal relationship with the doctor in addition to the traditional physical meeting Allows professionals to obtain additional payments for services rendered remotely. Furthermore, telemedicine provides a significant social benefit to those patients who live in remote places, far from professionals, and/or who have difficulty physically traveling to the doctor's office. The American Medical Association says 75% of all doctor visits are unnecessary and could be handled via telemedicine. The extensive adoption of SizeYou remote monitoring technology could therefore reduce the environmental impact due to patient travel and related costs. Similarly, the use of SizeYou can significantly reduce the use of resources, costs and environmental impact due to physical wearing tests for choosing the size of workwear and body protection garments.

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