The company that created SizeYou

I-DEAL is an Innovative SME based in Biella. Founded in 2012 and focused on the analysis of images through artificial intelligence for the collection of anthropometric measurements of the human body, which can be exploited for multiple applications.

The technology developed by i-Deal is based on the complete anonymisation of the image analysis process using artificial intelligence, which is carried out locally on the mobile device and uses images of the human body taken from the side and the rear, thus without having any access to the face and a possible identification of the subject.

The i-Deal technology is protected by the filing of a PCT patent application valid worldwide and by reserved Copyright.

The SizeYou software platform is the result of experience in the research sector of its founders, which is a key asset of the company: i-Deal has been awarded 3 projects and 2 open calls funded by the European Commission in Horizon 2020 for the development of algorithms for the image analysis applied to human morphology.

SizeYou Pro for Piacenza Cashmere

Traditional tailored clothing and size assignment in e-commerce: the first user company was Piacenza Cashmere, which adopted the SizeYou platform in its e-shop.

SizeYou Pro for Sparco

Made-to-measure high performance technicians: the first customer to adopt i-Deal technology was Sparco, for clothing from Motosport and Formula 1.

SizeYou Pro for Grassi

Technical leaders for the protection of workers: the first user company is Alfredo Grassi S.p.A. (uniforms for the military sector, firefighters, police, security agents, fuel refining companies, electricity distribution).

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