SizeYou is used in several industries. Let’s find out together what are



SizeYou can be used in the medical field for the collection of anthropometric data for diagnostic purposes and for postural evaluation. The App can be a valuable tool in order to monitor patients with pathologies that can affect posture or body composition.


SizeYou helps in monitoring physical progress over the time, providing accurate data on circumferences, muscle masses and other important parameters. Moreover, the App can be used to get personalized tips for training and nutrition.



SizeYou is used in the motorsport industry to create custom suits for professional and amateur pilots. By limiting the margin of error of measurement collection and, at the same time, taking advantage of remote usage, you have the possibility to optimize delivery time and, therefore, limit production costs.

Beauty Salons

SizeYou is also a valuable tool in the world of beauty salons. It allows, in fact, to monitor the improvements obtained as a result of aesthetic treatments, such as, for example, lymphatic drainage massage.


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