11 Giugno 2020
The scientific approach used for our apps

The artificial intelligence behind the functioning of the app was created thanks to an in-depth study of the different morphotypes and then applied to mathematics.

Morphotypes of the human body

The classification of the human body allows to define and establish the types of body constitution. The human body is in fact characterized by different forms and these can be classified according to different parameters and values; the most widespread forms are those of the Sheldon Scale (longilinear, normoline and brevilinear) but also those of the constitutional biotype of Jean Vague (android and gynoid).

Each of these types of shapes respects precise proportions, for example between shoulders and waist, shoulders and hips etc. etc. Based on the values of these proportions, a person falls into one constitutional type rather than another.

For us it was fundamental to understand these morphotypes and their proportional relationships in order to develop a mathematical space of morphotypes, to do this we have studied more than 22,000 subjects and we have identified a number of parameters by which to classify the human body and associated products.

The applied scientific model

Dimensional development can be viewed as a line in the morphotype space that connects the points representing the sizes.

The distance between the subjects of a population (represented as a cloud of points) and the position of the leaders in the space of the morphotypes indicates the level of matching between the product measures and the build of the consumers.

Thanks to the collection of the necessary information (the measurements of the body of the consumers and the garments), the correct profiling of the garments and a set of matching rules developed internally, SizeYou is able to suggest the size closest to the shape of the body and more suited to it.

A model applicable in several areas

The scientific process just explained can be applied in all those areas where there is an ergonomic relationship with the human body: clothing, design, medical devices etc. There are some products, such as clothing, that offer a very articulated offer in order to go against the many needs of different consumers and the use of an app like SizeYou could help solve the problem of choosing the size right, directly suggesting the most suitable size for the person's physical structure.

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