Textile tradition and mathematical algorithms

The i-Deal team combines different mining backgrounds: the company was born in Biella in the heart of one of the most important world textile districts. The specific knowledge of the design and manufacturing processes of the garments represents a necessary enabling factor that differentiates it from the competitors who were born in a purely computer environment. Mathematics and IT training completes the knowledge necessary for the development of algorithms at the base of the SizeYou software and all scientific coordination.

All i-Deal staff have a Master's degree or PhD research degree. With over 18 projects funded by the European Commission since 2001 the founders of i-Deal have a long experience in the research sector and the related fundraising represents a key asset of the company to ensure a constant product update.

Alessandro Canepa
Stefano Fasana
Giuliano Gavazzi
Software Dev.
Marco Vallini
Algorithm developer
Matteo Zanotto
Artificial Intelligence
Caterina Calefato
Matteo Vernetti
Algorithm Developer