25 Giugno 2020
What is the purpose of collecting anthropometric measurements

Whether you are on a diet or have started a training course, taking measures is of fundamental importance to verify your progress.

Taking anthropometric measurements is important not only for the wellness and medical-health sectors but it is also a fundamental aspect for workwear, for fashion or for example also for sports such as cycling.

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What are anthropometric measurements?

Anthropometry studies the measurements of the human body, total and / or partial. The collection of these anthropometric measures is particularly useful during the development and growth of individuals and also to understand their nutritional status.

Collecting these anthropometric data can be more or less simple: in some cases it is enough to measure height and weight, in other cases it is necessary to measure the length of the limbs, the trunk and different body circumferences such as the waistline or the circumference of the thighs or arms.

It is now easier to understand how these measures are indispensable in multiple sectors.

How do you measure anthropometric data?

There are different types of measurements, from the calculation of the body mass index to psychometrics, up to the measurement of the circumferences.

The values ​​of these measures vary from man to woman and the most common are:

  • Chest circumference: this measurement must be taken from standing with the arms relaxed along the body and the palms facing inwards. The tape measure should be positioned just below the nipples in men and under the breasts in women.
  • Arm circumference: this measure is often used to evaluate an individual's muscular state and should be taken with the arms relaxed along the body with the palms of the hands facing the thighs. Place the tape measure halfway between acromion and olecranon.
  • Waist circumference: it is the measure of the smallest part of the abdomen and is located just above the lateral edge of the iliac crest.
  • Hip circumference: the measure that includes the highest points of the hips.
  • Thigh circumference: measurement of the widest point of the thigh and it is located just below the crease of the buttock, also here you need to relax the muscle as much as possible.

These are the most common, but for some specific objectives and needs it may also be necessary to measure the circumference of the calves, wrists or any other part of the body.

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What are the sectors in which they are used?

We have already said that the medical field, and in particular that of nutrition and dietology, is certainly one of the areas in which these measures are most used, as on the other hand that of fitness and wellness.

There are also other sectors in which a precise collection of anthropometric measures is essential, to give some examples: the world of fashion. Precise and accurate measurements are used for the realization of Made to Measure clothes, perhaps for special occasions but also simply for those who have a physical conformation that does not fall within the standard canons. The measurement of the circumferences is useful for online purchases, to choose the right size. Not only that, even in workwear, taking measurements plays a fundamental role in the creation of uniforms and uniforms.

It is clear that practically perfect precision and accuracy are needed. Of course, with experience and practice it is difficult to make a mistake with this taking of measures but why not get help from tools and apps which, in addition to guaranteeing a correct and precise collection of measures, allow you to save time and keep data in a single database?

Our Apps

Our SizeYou and SizeYou Professional apps have been designed and built to solve the problems of precision and timing that derive from the collection of anthropometric manual measurements. With just two simple clicks, in total anonymity, I am able to measure the anthropometric measurements you need with very high precision.

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