How SizeYou works

SizeYou will fit you
better than a tailor!

Collects the 3D anthropometric measurements of the human body through an image analysis process of the photos taken by mobile.

SizeYou, the App that improves the shopping experience.

Enhance the experience of buying clothing online, facilitating the taking of autonomous measures. The App guides the user through a simple and accurate process. The anthropometric data collected can be applied to the purchase of made-to-measure garments or to the suggestion of the most correct size. The service is integrated by a plugin in the purchase e-commerce platform.

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Download, register, shoot, extract

• Download the App;

• Register with your email address;

• Create your profile with height, weight, year of birth, sex;

• Read and accept privacy policies and terms of service;

• Take the two photos for taking measurements and collect your anthropometric data;

• It's easy just follow the instructions in our "Shooting Guide".

<< Click Guide >> here is how to do it:

• Wear tight-fitting clothing and take off your shoes;

• If you have long hair pick it up;

• Find someone to take pictures of you;

• Check that you have a uniform background behind you that does not interfere with the image;

• Check that the photographer is at least 2 meters;

• The light source must be behind whoever takes the picture.

PLEASE NOTE: Head and feet contrast needed.

Picture 1: Turn your back towards the person taking the picture, spread your legs and arms

Picture 2: Turned in profile for the second shot


Experimental tests show that the collection of measures of the App is more precise than that carried out by a group of professional tailors.


SizeYou does not save or send any photographs to the data processing center (except for those with specific user authorization). The only image extracted is the outline of the figure.

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Anonymous usage

Access with username is anonymous for professional use in environments where absolute identity protection is required.

SizeYou Professional

Its completely anonymous procedure makes SizeYou suitable for use in sectors that require absolute protection of identity, such as the production of tailored garments and technicians for security and Defense or the monitoring of physical fitness in biomedical and sports.

Only the subscriber company can give registration credentials to the subjects to be measured and access the back office where measurements and contours of physical forms are saved.

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