Algorithms and image analysis applied to human morphology

How SizeYou was born

SizeYou is a solution of i-Deal, an innovative SME, specialised in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, at the service of anthropometric measurements.

The intuition and its subsequent development are the result of the R&D experience of the founding partners, who have made the European financing one of the main assets of the company.

A choice that allows I-Deal to continuously update the technology on which SizeYou relies.

Which technologies it uses

SizeYou combines three research fields with related skills: AI, Image Analysis and App Development.

AI algorithms, collect and extract measurements based on internally developed training dataset for exclusive company use.

The algorithms have been trained to dynamically define the set of body landmarks to reproduce the manual measurements.

The Artificial Intelligence also intervenes in the anonymization of the image analysis process, carried out locally on the mobile device with which the photos are taken, using only images photographed from the side and from behind, without any possible access to the user's face.

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