Collecting measurements in a professional environment

How SizeYou works, how you apply it to your business

SizeYou makes easy the work of those who deal with the measurement of the human body

It is an interactive solution, which registers the measurements of every single part of the body and saves them on the mobile device used to take the measurements and on the reference back office.

For the collection of measurements, SizeYou employs the Artificial Intelligence. Through an image analysis process of the photographs taken by the mobile device, the algorithms dynamically define the collection landmarks on the body, reproducing the steps of a manual measurement procedure.

Thanks to the user identity protection and the process accuracy, SizeYou allows multiple applications.

SizeYou benefits

- Increases the interactivity and customer loyalty levels
- Produces detailed and always accessible user cards
- Provides a 3D body representation
- Avoids data manual upload
- Reduces measurement collection time
- Reduces measurement imperfections

How would you use SizeYou features for your business? Find out about the Gym and Well versions or tell us about what you need, and we will adapt the solution to your necessities:


Experimental tests show that the collection of measures of the App is more precise than that carried out by a group of professional tailors.


SizeYou does not save or send any photographs to the data processing center (except for those with specific user authorization). The only image extracted is the outline of the figure.

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Anonymous usage

Only the subscriber company can give the registration credentials to the subjects to be measured, and have access to the back office, where measurements and contours of body shapes are saved.

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